Gianni Dimeglio is passionate about sports, education, and community life. An assistant football coach at Norwalk High School since August of 2011, Gianni works every day to support, guide, and improve the exceptional talents of the players on the Bears team. He has also assisted in Special Olympics efforts since 2010.

Gianni DiMeglioIn addition to being a football coach, Gianni has served as a mentor for students at Norwalk High School since June of 2010. Many of the students he coaches need help getting into colleges, and Gianni works hard to understand every student’s goals and start comprehensive plans for their futures. He pushes his own creativity and professional growth so that he can continue to benefit the development of others as well.

As a mentor Gianni enjoys connecting students with the higher education options that will fit them best, either academically or athletically. If a player with whom he works does not want to pursue football professionally, Gianni is a reassuring presence who provides the advice they need to tailor their resumes to different programs. Gianni also works with counselors to find the most economical ways for students to reach their college dreams. At the end of the day, Gianni’s mentoring is all about easing the transition from high school to college and inspiring students to go after what they want.

Outreach to others has always been a driving force in Gianni’s life, and one of his most memorable life experience was when he was a student at Marist College and completed a Global Outreach program in Mexico. Over the course of the program Gianni and his fellow students provided volunteer services to a local Mexican community center.

Outside of his school duties, Gianni loves to golf. The competitive aspect is a major selling point because of his longtime athleticism, but he also enjoys being able to spend time with his peers and focus on something totally separate from his workday. He sees it as a great opportunity to learn patience and concentration, as well as understand the game more fully. Even more simply, it is a great chance for Gianni to spend time outdoors.

Gianni resides with his wife and their two children in Fairfield, Connecticut. He spends a lot of time with his family and is inspired by them every day, particularly when he works to help young people succeed. Gianni enjoys traveling with his family and finding new hiking spots to explore.